Anderson Farms is a small farm in Madison County, Georgia, just outside of Athens. The farm is focused on producing pastured pork using a variety of breeds.

All pigs are antibiotic-free and raised on forages and locally grown feed as available. Hogs are given ample space to forage in both woods and pasture.

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Around Athens: Mary Charles Howard, owner of Athens Food Tours, and her husband visited the farm, and a great time was had by all. Read about her visit on her Food Tours Blog and check out some of the dining experiences she has to offer. Also this winter, we began selling to Moonshine Meats. Read about us on their website, and visit the Farm 255 to taste some of our pork.

Around the Farm: This summer we began working with our own breeding stock of heritage breeds. After spending a much needed vacation in the luxurious mudhole we dubbed "The Spa," four of our sows had little ones that are now happily running around the woods. In other good news, our Tenneesee Fainting Goats had healthy kids of their own that have already begun helping to clean the fence line.